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Lucas Montagnana | Therapeutic Weight Training
🎯Behavioural Personal Trainer BPT
🏋🏼Specialist in Therapeutic Resistance Training
🧠Movement & Ex. Physiology
MBA Health Management

My story started in October 1989 in a countryside city in Brazil…ok, I’m not going that far.
Let’s start with my passion.
Since I can remember I was always fascinated with human behaviour. I’ve always loved the more eloquent people, that communicated better. And I shaped my life based on these qualities. This is why I was always involved with group activities—more specifically group sports. My favourite: football, but for some, soccer (not for me, I’m sorry haha).
After realising that I was not the best player in my team (not a hard lesson), I entered the University (which could be the equivalent of Exercise Physiology in Australia), my dream was to become the conditioning Head of a football team, to fulfil my passion.
After 4 years of integral study and a serious internship from my second year, I discovered that my passion was not football. My passion is to improve people. Help them to become better versions of themselves. And the tool I utilise is the Exercise!
I worked for 8 years in Brazil as an Exercise Physiologist in a company called Vida +, which later changed its name to Movae (still active).
During these years I grew up as a professional, I finalised my post-graduation named
“Exercise Physiology and Resistance Training in Health, Sickness and Aging”. I was diving even deeper into the science behind exercise for athletes, special groups, metabolic diseases, chronic pain and the elderly population.
I also discovered another passion for people operations (human resources). Was promoted to a leadership role at the age of 25. During this period I decided that I needed to understand human behaviour from a coaching perspective. Searched for NLP courses and became a professional Life Coaching and DISC analyst. And it’s here that the Behavioural Personal Trainer was created in 2016.
I moved to Campinas, Brazil. Launched my business and helped people become their better versions through exercise and behaviour.
In 2017 I decided to move to Australia to be with my now wife Gabi. Landed in 2018, with zero English and a dream: I wanted to establish my business here and understand if everything I learned in Brazil could be applied to human beings, whatever they are from. And guess what, we are all the same! Our struggles, fears, and insecurities, but we also have our backgrounds, life experiences and beliefs put into these wonderful and complex systems we are.
In Australia, I continued to use my skills to master the language (my biggest challenge so far). It’s a nightmare to someone who has based his whole life on his communication skills not being able to communicate, verbally! This journey was only possible because I knew about my patterns of behaviour and learning, something I got from studying and modifying my DISC profile over the years.

Down under I completed my Fitness certifications, got a Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management and earned a Master’s in Business Administration with a major in Health management.
The Behavioural Personal Trainer methodology improved and is now part of my mission in helping people.
You will also see me working at LiFT Strength and Conditioning as a coach (something I love immensely) and Special Projects Manager, developing training systems to form and upskill our team and create the most effective and engaging experience for our members.
The next chapters are being written as you are reading this!
WELCOME TO MY WORLD, and will be a pleasure to get to know you and work together!

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